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Sound Stage  - SEAL DVD 

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Sound Stage - Stevie Nicks DVD/CD




Since its inception in 2000, the IRIS Orchestra has established itself as one of the most successful new musical groups in the United States. It was founded by the conductor Michael Stern. The orchestra is comprised of musicians from all over the United States.

Since its inaugural concert in September 2000, IRIS has received unanimous public and critical acclaim.
















IRIS Orchestra Inc. Official Website: ( listen to samples)

IRIS Orchestra -Instant Encore



 IRIS Orchestra- Debut CD ( 2000)

Copland: Suite from Applachian Spring /Beethoven: Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67 /  J Strauss: Kaiser Walzer Emperor Waltz Op 437

IRIS Live Concert - February 22, 2003

IRIS orchestra with Barnabas Kelemen Violin (winner of 2002 Indianapolis International Competition)



NAXOS American Classic Label - one of the best Cd's of 2003 - NY times, Chicago Tribune
Stephen Hartke & IRIS Orchestra 

Clarinet Concerto: "Landscape with Blues" 2001  - Commissioned
The rose of the winds (1998) / Pacific Rim ( 1998), Gradus (1999)


Arabesque Recording Label- In the arms of the beloved

IRIS Orchestra ( commissioned) with Soloists:
Jamie Laredo, Violin / Sharon Robinson, Cello 

Danielpour:  In the Arms of the beloved (2001)- 

                               double concerto for violin, cello and Orchestra


NAXOS American Classicl Label ( 2005) - Elleng Zwillich IRIS Orchestra & Nexus
E. Zwillich: Violin Concerto /  Rituals 



Albany Records (2005)
Erick Ruske ( Horm) & IRIS Orchestra
Strauss Horn Concerto No.1 & 2/ Gliere Horn Concerto



NAXOS AMerican Classic Label (2006)
Jamie Laredo, Violin / Sharon Robinson, Cello & IRIS Chamber Orchestra
Rorem: Double Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra







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